I'm  a creative soul who lives in awe of the beauty of life around me.. all the small things that are in truth, the big things;  

...the bird song that wakes me each morning, the racoon that ambles by my kitchen window, the intricate patterns and designs of succulent's, smooth, round stones found on beach rambles, soft furry dog paws, the heady scents of hyacinth and lilac in spring, winter mists hanging in cedars and most especially...the light in the eyes of those I love.

I believe in today because that's all we have.  

I believe there is great strength in vulnerability.

I believe that answers are found by looking inward rather than outward.

And I believe in my light, I believe in your light and I believe we're all connected by our shared light.




I live on Vancouver Island on the west coast of Canada. My creative interests lie in photography, painting, collage, digital collage...all things creative really.  I love combining images with text and am fascinated with colour, balance and symmetry. 

While working, my career was primarily in the field of post secondary art and design and after retirement I was (for awhile) self employed as a web designer.

For now, travel, boating and shared laughter with family and friends complete the circle.