Inspired By...Sky Music

A soft warm wind is blowing outside my studio today and as it rustles through the leaves of the cottonwoods it reminds me of the sounds made by waves as they move pebbles back and forth on the beach.  It's a "shhhhh" that moves from softer to louder and then softer again, as the wind ebbs and flows.

If the the sound of waves on the shore is called "beach music" then the sound of leaves in the wind must surely be sky music.  My home is surrounded by Cottonwoods, Maples, Hawthornes and Cedars.  Each tree has it's own unique song but it's the Cottonwoods... shimmering from silver to greyish green...that are definitely the biggest instrument in the band.  Their song is soothing and much less distracting than a play list!

I haven't blogged for over two years...I was a prodigious blogger for almost 7 years on Typepad but have since closed it down and downloaded all my blog files...some have even made it into yearly Blurb books.  It was a wonderful experience and I made many beautiful connections with some amazing people, many of whom I'm still connected to...but Facebook, with it's quick seductive information bites, was so much easier and less demanding of my time.  It was either that or nothing, so Facebook won.

I'd like to start blogging again but with a new more expectations of weekly or even twice weekly posts. I miss writing and I miss having a venue for my words and photographs so it will be on a "whenever inspired" schedule.